Our Impact

Since 1997, the Lord has used Solid Rock to influence the lives of countless youth and families. Below you will find some statistics from our most recent season as well as videos sharing a few stories of God's working at Solid Rock. We share these stories not to claim any glory for ourselves, but to encourage you that God is using your donations to further His good purposes in our community.

...though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me.
— 1 Corinthians 15:10

Stories of God's Work at Solid Rock


We rejoice that God has used Solid Rock to enrich Vibrant's faith. "It was like the lessons fed into my soul," she remembers. But Vibrant heard those Bible lessons because she felt that Solid Rock was a place where she was welcomed and treated kindly. "It's OK to be black," Vibrant says, and she felt like the staff, volunteers, and her peers at Solid Rock treated her that way. "Solid Rock, they accept everyone. That's what I love about Solid Rock." We pray and work so that everyone entering Solid Rock's doors would feel the same warmth and hospitality Vibrant felt, and that through that welcoming atmosphere God would open hearts to hear and receive the gospel.

When I went to Solid Rock it was like my safe place.
— Vibrant Milligan
It means everything to me to have a partner like Solid Rock to help me in areas where I may struggle.
— Kelly Sheaffer

Through the ministry of Solid Rock, God has blessed the lives of two families who have faced peculiar hardships. Being a single parent while battling complicated medical issues is no small task, which is why Solid Rock has loved walking alongside these families over the years. We are grateful that Kelly Sheaffer and her daughter Annie see Solid Rock as a shaping influence in Annie's life and a relief in stressful times for Kelly. Kira Heiser, speaks to the bond her family developed with Solid Rock saying, "Our lives are different because of Solid Rock. The people that are involved have become friends. They've been there for us and supported us through some difficult times." We at Solid Rock are very blessed to not just care for people's children, but to grow deep relationships with our families.